Health Plus Technologies

Measurably Better Healthcare Analytics

Under Gary Nissen's leadership, the Health Plus Technologies team builds solutions for some of the biggest analytic gaps in U.S. Health Care today.

Core Areas of Focus, Select Work and Credentials

Consulting Services

HPT consults on analytic strategy and systems design for data warehousing, performance management, predictive modeling, etc.
  • HPT led strategy and design for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association's analytic data warehouse, one of the largest integrated health care data warehouses in the world.
  • HPT's President, Gary Nissen, presented at several workshops and conferences regarding predictive modeling systems
  • Mr. Nissen's work has been referenced several times in data warehouse guru Ralph Kimball's books and articles

Custom Analytic Software Development

HPT designs and builds custom analytic software and models for profiling, care management, underwriting, network management, P4P, etc.
  • HPT is responsible for the development of the Johns Hopkins ACG System, a world-leading risk adjustment and predictive modeling system
  • HPT was responsible for the HEDIS system resold by the company formerly known as CSC Healthcare

Predictive Reimbursement Model

HPT provides software and guidance to evaluate reimbursement contracts to predict cost impact, identify negotiating opportunities and determine fairness and equity
  • Used by insurers that cover over 24 million lives spanning Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Several Blues plans
  • One of top 3 national Medicaid plans
  • Two of the top 5 national PPOs

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