Health Plus Technologies
Health Plus Technologies
Gary Nissen's technical know-how and experience make him an expert in analytic methods and systems for the health insurance industry, but it's his continual effort to study the Contract Inequities and Pricing Manipulation in health care that places him on the cutting edge of reform as an innovator and agent of change.

As President of Health Plus Technologies (HPT), Nissen has provided strategic advice to health insurers and software companies that serve health insurers. He has led development for a market-leading HEDIS reporting system and was selected to lead the strategy and design for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association's analytic data warehouse, one of the largest integrated health care data warehouses in the world. By demonstrating unique capabilities, along with a recommendation from DST Health Solutions, Nissen and HPT were also awarded on-going development responsibilities for the world-leading risk adjustment and predictive modeling system, Johns Hopkins ACG System.

Nissen's years of experience working in the health insurance industry, first in software development for operational purposes and later in strategic analytics, gives him a unique perspective that allows him to understand the intricacies of software development, the usefulness of properly-derived analytics, and how they should combine to drive business strategy. For payers, his solutions drive measurable improvements in reimbursement methodologies which help clients drive measurable improvements in contract negotiations.

Alongside his technical skills, Nissen's exposure to great minds and thought leaders in the health insurance world make him a leading, yet cost-effective, problem solver. He has written extensively about the insurance industry, presented at several workshops and conferences regarding predictive modeling systems, and was referenced by data warehouse guru Ralph Kimball in his best seller, "The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit."

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